Health Tips


Good Food:  Start your day with a glass of warm temperature water with 1/2 a  lemon squeezed in it. Lemon stimulates digestion and aids the production of bile which is an important part of detoxification. Eat breakfast every morning. If time is restricted try a smoothie, nuts & seeds, or protein bars. Try to keep healthy snacks in your with you at all times so when time is short you can still eat healthily. Eating frequent but smart foods stimulates your metabolism.


Move: Our sedentary lifestyles is largely due to our work environment, so try to move every hour throughout the day as this will help blood and lymph from becoming stagnant. Aim to walking, stretching, take part in yoga, or Tai Chi.


Keep a health Journal: Every day  write down brief entries under the following headings:                 

​Diet: Notice the food and fluids you consume each day. You can’t make a change unless your aware of what you need to change.                                                                                           

​Symptoms: Headache, tiredness, digestive complaints etc

Emotions: Irritable, teary, content etc.                                                                                  

​Keeping a health journal allows you to become more conscious of body and helps you notice patterns and changes in your health.


Prepare your bedroom for rest: Efficient sleep is just as important to your well being as what you eat. Clear any clutter, work or computer devices from around your bed. Your bed should be only for sleeping & intimacy.


End your day with a prayer of gratitude: Take time to note all the things in your life to be thankful for. This is a great time to appreciate yourself on fusing all these new positive lifestyle techniques into your daily life.