A holistic approach to health care.
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Pure Botanical Health is a Holistic Health Centre where by we empower and inspire clients to captivate a lifestyle conducive to wellness, health and happiness.

We have a team of health care practitioners who are here to assist you to be the best and healthiest version of you possible.

We use Naturopathic philosophies and medicine, and embrace a holistic approach to health care, we do this by assessing your mental, emotional, physical, social and environmental states, to see how these are impacting on your health.

We treat more than just the manifestation of a disease, but also search for causative factors. Health restoration is achieved  by regression of the disease, which means we take a step by step, systematic approach to reversing a disease and removing the root cause.

We believe health is not linear but cyclical, this means that there is not one singular cause of illness, and not one path to wellness, but we believe there are many contributing factors to ill health and many paths to wellness.


Angela Jane Baldovin

Principal, Naturopath & Nutritionist

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Bateau Bay, NSW 2261

(Central Coast, NSW)

Tel: 02- 4333 3865 Mob: 0466916140
​Mail: angela@purebotanicalhealth.com.au

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