Organic skin care!


Why organic skin care is important?


Some may ask why organic skin care is important... 

As a Naturoapth & Nutritionist I can offer an answer to these questions with intellectual knowledge & clinical experience.


It is imperative that we are aware of what products we put on our skin. Our skin is like a sponge and soaks up everything that goes onto it. I often advise people to read the ingredients and if there is something in the skin care products that you would not put into your mouth then it shouldnt go on your skin. For instance some individuals may be aware of chemicals in foods and are conciously avoiding these, but yet many fail to see these same toxic ingredients in our skin care that we lather our selves in each day. 

Many are under the impression that these toxic ingredients would only be in skin care & availiable for sale in Australian local shops & supermarkets if it were safe for use, but in fact this could not be further from the truth. Many chemicals & substances found in skin care are common pollutants and also endocrine disrupters (ie: They have a nasty effect on your hormones- thyroid & adrenal/ stress hormones, male & female hormones etc) or neurotoxic (ie: Toxic to your brain & nervous system); these include: paraben preservatives, the pesticide triclosan, phthalate plasticizers,  musks and sunscreen ingredients just to mention a few. As a clinical Naturopath I have to say that the above health concerns are some of the most common conditions that clients present to me with, and with out a doubt I feel that the toxic load of the society that we live in is causing so many of life hindering disorders. So a huge part of my clinical practice is detoxifying the body & educating epople on how to detoxify they're environment & live more a "natural & organic" life. Prior to owning my clinic I worked in "Health Food" stores, for over 10 years, and so I am familiar with many "Natural" skin care products that are on the market. And unfortunately I am sad to say that many are NOT natural or safe to be putting on & in your body, so it always pays to read not only the front of the pack but ALSO the back ingredient panel. Furthermore these skin care products are not only chemically laden but have probably been sitting in a store room, warehouse or shop for far to long, hence the need for the chemical preservatives to keep them somewhat "fresh". The company that I have fallen inlove with, support whole heartedly & now independantly distribute is Miessence, a truly fresh, natural & organic skin care range. Miessence is not only natural & certified organic but is also eco friendly AND delivered straight to your door from the warehouse to ensure optimal levels of all living active ingredients, with out the use of nasty chemical preservatives.


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