Your Practitioner

Angela Jane Baldovin

Naturopath & Nutritionist

B.App.SC (Naturopathic Medicine)

Grad.Dip (Naturopathy)

Angela's Passion to assist people to live their healthiest and happiest life, began at a young age. Angela began working in the health industry over 10 years ago and she always knew that the natural health industry was where she could make her biggest contribution to society. She began her education in herbal medicine with one of the most renowned Herbalists around: “Denis Stewart”. After studying with Denis for a couple of years she decided to broaden her horizons and continue her education at University by enrolling in a Naturopathy Degree. Angela attended  the University of Western Sydney, completing her degree in Naturopathy in 2007 and went on to complete the post graduate Diploma in Naturopathy in 2008. She has been consulting on the beautiful Central Coast for many years now, which she describes to be "an absolutely an amazing experience to do something your so passionate about and to be able to help people change there lives at the same time".


In 2013 Angela went through specialized training to be able to utalize a unique screening tool to analyze specidic health markers, this has been a great addition to her current skill set and has enabled her to better assess & treat her clients.

In 2014 Angela underwent a training for another screening tool- the Quadscan VLA / BIA device -which is a body composition & cellular health analysis. Angela had been using the previous model of the VLA (VLA D50) for the past 5 years and when the newest most accurate model, the VLA Quadscan, arrived in Australia in 2014- she upgraded her skills right away to be one of the first practitioners in Australia qualified to use this highly valued & researched Quadscan body composition analysis medical device, to read more about VLA Quadscan click here...

Once again Angela's fire and passion for health directed her to further her education even further. Angela has always been intrigued with Eastern medicine and how together the east and west can combine & compliment each other to further assist her clients. In 2014 she embarked on another jouney through University to study the theories & practices of Chinese Medicine.


Angela aims to educate, empower and inspire patients to capture an attitude of personal accountability for his or her own health. With every health concern there is always an underlying triggering issue, which needs to  be revealed in order for long term health. So Angela treats more than just the manifestation or symptoms of a disease, but she also search's for causative factors. Health restoration is achieved with Angela via naturopathic approaches such as dietary and lifestyle adjustments, medical herbalism and nutritional medicine to create harmony and balance in your life.


Angela is a University Qualified Naturopath and is registered with ATMS and all private health funds. Angela specialises in weight loss, women's health, digestive health and stress related health concerns, but Angela can assist you with all your health needs. 


​So what health concerns can Angela assist you with?



  • Digestive complaints; bloating, constipation, IBS, pain or discomfort, detoxification

  • Hormonal issues; women’s/men’s health, menopause, thyroid issues, preconception / pregnancy care

  • Dietary advice; weight loss / gain

  • Stress related issues; insomnia, anxiety, depression, nervous tension, fatigue

  • Pain; arthritis, fibromyalgia etc

  • Allergy or immune issues; sinusitis, eczema, autoimmune conditions et

  • Skin conditions; eczema, psoriasis, acne, dry skin, aging skin etc

And much more!!!



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