Reboot your life & your metabolism in 2014!


Have you reached the end of 2013 and realized that there are a few health & life goals that you DIDN'T achieve? Maybe it's that you still haven't found the energy that you've been striving for or that you still haven't shifted those extra kilos or that you'r still not feeling at your optimal best???


Well I am here to help you discover the "why and how"...


  • In 2014 let me help you understand why that extra 5-10 kilos your carrying is dragging your energy down!

  • Learn how to feel great, look great & have an outstanding life!

  • Learn about the practical weight-loss program for busy people that want optimum health and vitality!


Book now for Pure Botanical Health's "Reboot your life & your metabolism"



Your FREE health assessment includes:


  • A FREE health appraisal review

  • A FREE VLA / BIA - a unique & specialized body composition analysis where we will reveal where your body & health is truly at click here for more details...

  • A FREE goals session, where we will uncover and review your top 3 health goals for 2014, what is holding you back and your options in achieving these goals.



This offer is too good to pass up and is a unique opportunity to have a glimpse into what it is like working one on one with a highly qualified Naturopath & Nutritionist.

This offer is designed to uncover your goals and for us to get to know each other, to see if we are suitable to work together to achieve these goals. If we decide that we are a good match we will then progress to the next stage & book your comprehensive initial appointment to get deeper understanding of where your health is at & to get you started on your health journey.


***This offer is only valid in the month of January 2014 & is applicable for NEW or RETURNING clients (those I haven't seen in over 6 mths). Free Session is 30min. If you are already an existing client, your probably already achieving your goals, so you may pass this special on to a friend or family member.


Only a limited number of appointments available so don't hold back this is your opportunity to take action on those things you have been putting off!


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